Would this make you walk away from a girl?

You've been dating a girl for a month & things are really good! She's not clingy, and you have a great laugh together, you both enjoy each other's company & you don't feel forced to do anything. But then she says out the blue if you want to call it a day that's fine & she'll understand. She then explains she likes you and wants to see where it goes but feels your not interested. Will this one bad hiccup make you not pursue things further with this girl?


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  • It's actually great communication.
    I would sit back, and think how invested in this I would actually be prepared to be, before answering

    • He has pulled back since then. He didn't reply to my message after I said about him not being interested. I gave it 2 days before messaging him again joking about & apologised if I had pissed him off & wished him well on his training course. He replied saying it wasn't silent treatment at all & that he wasn't pissed off just found it real weird & random. I replied but he never responded to it. It's been 4 days now & I've left him too as he's on a training course for 2 weeks. I'm a bit worried he's done with me though.

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  • No. Look, if the guy likes you he will keep pursuing you no matter what you said to him. If he didn't like you in the first place, i don't think he would be bothered enough to go out with you at all.


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  • No that would motivate me to try harder for her if I really like her.


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