Is he lying to me about staying back at work?

He told me he has to stay back to finish off some stuff, I asked him to send me a photo of him at work. He didn't do that..

I also asked him to come over to my place when he is finished. He said he has to go help his dad very early tomorrow morning with some stuff. he will see how early he can finish things at work.

Is he lying to me? I didn't call or text afteward. I just said I will let you get back to work.


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  • I see a guy who may be wanting some time alone, some space, and is afraid to tell you the Truth because he may feel you will get upset and this will cause a problem in your relationship.
    When you both have the time to be together again, sit him down, broach and approach this sore subject of "Space." Many times, in a relationship, I am no exception to any of my own rules, we all feel smothered and need time Alone but are often scared to Openly admit it because fearing a War of the Roses with Romance.
    Good luck. xx

    • I will try to talk to him. Even he said he is comfortable with me he is not one to voice his opinion. I can be asking him you know what you want? He goes no. I said come o you do know. Then he said yes I do but still won't say it

    • Thank you, sweetie, for the Vote of Confidence, and when you can get together alone, talk openly about the things that may be on his mind. xxoo

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  • Could be an orgy in the office, why don't you show up at his work and see it for yourself?

  • It's hard to know with out knowing more, like type of job and does he normally stay late to finish things and how long your together

    • together for 3 months, he never stay back before, this is the first time as this is his last day before he goes on leave

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    • It's a big mess, I have no place for the kids to stay since were losing the house also and she's moving in with some other guy that has a house to take the kids with her , it has been in front of a judge yet and in New York it's no fault divorce anyway , I would have had to hire a detective to prove it also

    • Sounds tough, I believe karma will take care of thing eventually

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  • Hmm hard to know, does he have a job where he would even need to? When you next see him just casually ask what was so important it couldn't wait until the next day? But don't ask accusingly just conversationally

    • He is taking time off he said heaps to finish prior that

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    • nothing else is suspicious. just that he didn't respond when I asked for a photo of him at work. he did respon to everything else. may be cos there are other people or he thinks I was asking for proof

    • maybe he didn't want to pander to it cause sometimes that encourages stuff and he probably doesn't want to have to keep doing that, by ignoring the request he probably hopes you won't ask him again.
      remember, a relationship requires trust. trust is HARD, especially when youve been hurt in the past but don't take it out on them because in the long run it just pushes them away, if they don't feel trusted it's easier to abuse the trust, whereas if they know you do they'll hopefully be more inclined to honor that trust

  • Mm I do not believe he is. If this is happening more frequently during the week, I would be concerned.

    Just wait till he replies to you back.

    • no this is the first time

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    • Yeah so it does makes sense. He wouldn't make a promise unless he knew he can keep it.

      Mm best wait for his reply

    • Alright he probably will text me later and say he just finish and now going home. oh well I won;t ask to meet up again. Unless he brings it up.

  • Yeah he's probably lying.