Help please for my date?

what do girls expect on a first date? Me andvthis girl are going to the fair. Do you hold hand or what do you do? Please help I've never dated before.


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  • First CONGRATS!!! Buy her some flowers :) that is a definite must! And complement her on how she looks and what she's wearing, tell her you like the way a specific piece of clothing or jewelry or hairstyle looks on her! Be a gentle men, open doors for her, let her in first if she's playing a game or has to many things to carry offer to carry her things for her. Pay for her fair ticket and food. DEFINATLY get her a souviner like a stuffed animal! Keep the conversation going ask her things about her, hobbies, fav tv shows, etc. Have fun! And good luck :)

    • If you want to hold her hand but don't want it to be randomly awkward hold her hand while going through a crowd, my boyfriend did that on our first fair date.

    • We are some what friends. She just joined the fire department I've been at for 2 years. We've texted a lot since she's in the academy.

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