Girls, My girlfriend said I'm not good enough... The fucked up part is now I don't want to be with her and feel lost/alone. Just want some advice?

I don't know how to say this but after I was told that I had a strong urge to cheat on her and I've never cheated on anyone before... I feel quite guilty.


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  • Just break up. Why would you want to be with someone that makes you feel like shit?

    • How do I do that... I mean I already feel guilty because she cries about even talking about this... I just don't want too crush someone especially when she's talking about suicide & I haven't even said I want to break up.

    • Using threats of suicide to keep you in a relationship with her is an abusive tactic. She doesn't care about you and makes you feel awful. Why would you stay? It will only hurt the both of you.

  • Break up with her if you're not happy, cheating would be pointless. Cheating is practically breaking up with somebody and seeing how long it takes them to find out. Just make it simple and guilt free.