Best place to meet women?

What do you think people?

  • Sports club
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  • Interest group
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  • Work
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  • Voluntary work
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  • A class
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  • Gym
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  • Street or shop
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  • A hobby or a shared interest club are usually great ways to meet people. Volunteering is a good one too.

    • But volunteering is like work. And people frown upon dating at work.

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    • Darling, I'm not American. It depends on the specific policy at your company. For the most part, it's allowable as long as the HR department is notified and you don't work on the same team/projects.

    • That can be hard in a matrix organisation.

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  • Sports, interest group or a class. It's easier because you've already got common ground meeting someone that way so you're more likely to click


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