A guy asked me "Can I have you?" Is the way he asked a warning sign?

When he asked that, I asked him "define 'having me ' ". He said "being together and doing things". I asked "Isn't that dating" and he said "yes".

Am I overthinking the way he asked me? I don't know why he didn't just say "date", "go out", etc.

Sorry if this question is stupid, I just don't want to get hurt again. It sounds sleazy to me, but perhaps I'm overthinking. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. :)


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  • it is a tad of a sleazey way of asking someone out, and the whole "doing things" is a broad term to use

    • I'm glad you agree it is a "tad sleazy" :) Thank you for pointing out the "doing things" being broad. Now he just seems even more sleazy to me. :(

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    • its cool :) and yeah guys do try many tricks

    • Thanks for MHO, Feel free to PM if you wanna ask anything you want my help with :)


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  • It depends on how he said it, it could go either way. Was it an aggressive “I want your body” tone or was he trying to be sweet like this classic (admittedly creepy) “can I keep you?” line.


    • It was through text unfortunately :( he does compliment my body a lot though

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    • He does say romantic things sometimes but it could be just an act :(

    • Yeah, and some guys are pretty good at pretending to be nicer than they are. Just look at me.

  • If I said that, it means sex. I want to have you body.

    • Your*

      But I also wouldn't say it that way unless we're already really comfortable with each other cause it's sort of odd.

    • Thank you for being honest, I really appreciate it. :) I've only known him for 2 weeks, mostly through texting because he lives far. We're not THAT comfortable with each other.

  • I agree with @Ihav2fart


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  • he wants to sleep with you

    • Thanks for your opinion 😊