Do you think mothers are right?

So What I mean is you know how they say mom's have like a sixth sense or that they always know best which is true. But? Has it ever happened that your mom tells you she notice a guy/girl looking at you and that the may like do guys belive they can also know that. I mean there's this guy I have a crush on but I never mention this. and our parents are friends so one time I was talking to him n my mom saids you know he likes you. I was like no mom! he is just being friendly he has many friends. But she says I was born yesterday (lol) I see the way he looks at you n he likes you. I was like no which really I dont think he likes. Do you think she really knows or what?

Sorry there's many spelling errors I was writing it fast and didn't notice. My point is Can moms really tell if someone like you has this ever happened to you?


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  • I'm sorry. That's so poorly written and punctuated that I can't make any sense of it. I wanted to reply.

  • never underestimate a mother's intuition! My mom has been more often right than not concerning relationship issues.


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