My Self Perception?

I personally think I'm ugly as hell and can only be fixed with plastic surgery because I've never had a girl interested in me before but anyway, I do want to get rid of this mindset, how can I do this? I just want a girlfriend to love unconditionally and make happy, but I know my mindset won't get me anywhere. Help would be great, thanks!


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  • You aren't ugly and you have pretty eyes. We are our own worst critics I feel the same way most of the time. Just remember others see you as more than you do and to be kind to yourself.


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  • My goodness, you remind me of myself a few years ago, when I had even begun saving up for plastic surgery! I was disgusted with my looks. Of course, some insecurities still remain, but I would never even think of plastic surgery. The side effects would be terrible, and a botched surgery could make me look even worse.

    I don't suppose you look 'ugly' In fact, I would trade places with you any day, If I looked like you, I'm pretty sure I would have had more success with women than I am having now (which is zero, because my insecurities prevent me from approaching women).


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  • Dude, this isn't the first time you have asked a question like this. Maybe you should go see someone? As in someone with whom you could talk maybe?