What do I do to get it back?

Okay so I have asked a question about this one guy before about the one who asked me out and then out of nowhere became repulsed by me and wanted nothing to do with me causing a really nasty break up. Well I am happy again dating another wounder full guy but for some reason this other guy still can't keep his mouth shut and has something to say about everything that goes on in my life now. I don't know why because he showed that he didn't care but I find myself wanting to be his friend again. I know I really should not want to be but we were great friends before and it sucked really bad that we lost that what do I do to get it back? What would I say to him?


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  • If the new guy is wonderful, I wouldn't risk messing that up by dwelling on what once was with the other guy. I'd let the past be. Say nothing.


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  • Get over it and move on. He doesn't want to be your friend. He either hates your or is really jealous about your new relationship. Either way its unhealthy for you to start a relationship with him, even if its just as friends.


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  • First of all, I think you should ask him why he's done all this stuff to you. It's none of his business what goes on if he doesn't like you. You should probably ask him why you broke up, too. Make it emotional =D. Make sure you say that you thought you had a good thing going and that you're upset it ended.