Guys, First Impressions?

Guys, when you first meet a chick, what do see, think, and feel? What if she has a few acne scars but still pretty, do you guys look else where or do you continue to speak to her? What if she's loud and funny, do you think it's annoying or cute? What if she really isn't that hot but has a really nice presonality? (I'm not describing myself just questions...)


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  • I think it depends greatly on the guy and what he likes.

    But a couple of things;

    -Your looks is what gets you noticed, your personality is why a guy stays.
    -Nobody likes acne scars though some people will over look them.
    -Everyone has different opinion on what they like in a personality, generally everyone like's someone with a good sense of humor, what we consider a good sense of humor depends on the person though.
    -You need initial attraction for someone to want to learn more about your personality, but everyone has different standards


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  • When I first meet a girl, I see how she presents and holds herself.
    Acne scars will go away eventually it's okay.
    I'm not fond of loud but funny is always a plus.

    We don't always go for hot, but it's a plus if she is.

  • It depends on what kind of guy they are. I personally have the girl with the nice personality. I also like people that speak their minds. being loud isn't a bad thing.

  • i would still talk to her…i look at personality more.