I'm not sure about this?

I went out last night and a guy approached me at the bar we got chatting etc he's very attractive I'm 35 and he's 30 , he joined me my friends at a club and we had a good time , he kissed me and we flirted and exchanged numbers. At the end of the night we parted and went home , I got home and noticed he had texted me and called , and he called early this morning to talk to me , he said he was a little drunk last night and nearly told me he loved me and he wants to take me out for a meal. I'm new to Datong and I'm not sure if this is all to soon?

Meant dating not datong lol


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What Guys Said 2

  • Jeez, I would be creeped out if a girl nearly told me she loved me after only meeting. That is a red flag of someone over emotional, not totally mentally sound and over clingy perhaps too. Plus he did call and text way too soon too! Too over eager here.

  • He's a Clinger. A desperate one at that.


What Girls Said 1

  • He told you he loved you after just meeting? ... Creep alert.

    • lol I meant , he said he was that drunk last night he nearly told me he loved me , he said that's how drunk he was , he's a lovely guy very intelligent maybe he's just the clingy type?

    • 'Nearly told' is almost just as bad. He sounds childish, if anything. If you're really attracted to him and what to give it a go, tell him to take it slooooow. If he's super keen, clingy, melodramatic and telling you "I love you" in a week, run.