Why he expects me to be friendly with him after he led me on?

He led me on, made me think he likes me. When I asked him out he rejected me!! I felt hurt and he made me look like an idiot, so I in return ignore him completly! not talking to him and not even looking at him! He got really mad when he realized I have no intention talking to him.

Why he expects me to be friendly with him after he led me on?


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  • First of all, if he is a nice guy, he will not ne like what u said.
    secondly, do u know the reason why he refused to go out with u?
    was he having a gf? , was he with friends? , or there was some other reason...
    did he give u his number or his mail so that he can explain it to u why he refused to go out with u? maybe he wanted to say sorry but u have not given him a chance...
    i would say he is not a player, coz a player would have immediately said yes to go out with u... but he refused, that means he is a genuine guy...
    and now u ignore him? haha wow,,, i must say u are just making the whole situation into an ego war...
    i will say "YOU MISSED A GREAT GUY" ,,,
    i would suggest u to be friendly with him again, show him signs u like him... dont make love into ego war... if he is a great guy... im sure its all worth it...
    but i dont think he will be interested in u if u ignored him like that... if he is a high quality guy... he won't even look at u now...
    anyways, be careful next time... gbu

    • I called him and the conversation lasted 30 sec. i dont know if he had a girlfriend, if he had he could have just said "id be happy to but i have a gf" or "i can't right now" something like that not just "maybe some other time".

      by the way, we all have each others phone numbers since were co workers

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  • Some people just like to feel powerful.

    Even though this person doesn't want you in that way,
    they want to feel the satisfaction of knowing that you stopped your life for them or they are your highlight.
    Continue to move on and not look back.
    He just wants to inflate his ego.


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  • Maybe because he didn't led you on intentionally and you read the signs wrong
    plus him rejecting him should be his loss not yours so why are mad at him, you should pity him for he lost someone who would have made his world a little brighter

    • Im pretty sure he led me on. His friend kept teasing me about him and telling that he likes me. How does it sound to you?

  • Yes, he did. That's what's called a friendzone. Well, what can you do? Don't take it personally... Take it in your stride... Ignore him, if you want... But don't be bitter about it... Rejection happens to everyone at least once in life... By the way, you're thinking like a bloke who got friendzoned... So I gave you the general advice I give to guys...

    • what do you mean "I think like a block"?

      How would you act towards a girl who led you on?

    • Bloke= guy
      And it's impossible to lead me on.

  • He's dumb, just keep ignoring him.


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  • He was probably hoping that after that happened you guys will just be back to normal. Obviously he doesn't know that.

  • Becaus he is an arrogant douche! He doesn't deserve for you to even acknowledge his existence.

  • You were right to not talk to him anymore
    He sounds like a jerk anyways