Girls, I want to feel wanted and liked. will it only happen after im in a relationship?

I understand that guys have to show confidence and initiate the relationship but I want to feel like it's wanted. I don't like the idea that a guy has to persuade a girl to like him. If I'm not what the girl is dreaming of or looking for why would I make her settle for less just because I want her to like me. I want a relationship where she likes and want me just as much as I do her. Will this only be shown after we start dating. I can see traits I like even before I talk to someone. And when I talk to people I see no hint of them liking me. They are friendly but everyone is friendly with me. Do guys just have to see if they can get a girl like them. Because no girl (except one) has shown signs of being interested. Girls usually just want to be my friend how will I know if they want more?


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  • The reason why most girls are like that... Actually let me rephrase that. Why most people are like that is because they have trust issues. You need trust. Sorry to say but most girls have trust issues with guys. It could be many reasons. Their pasts caused them to be defensive and less trusting to the opp sex. For me I trust less bc I did not have a great father. Treated my mom and us like shit. Also had a few bad experiences with other men. I'm sure you're a great person man. Don't sell yourself short. These things takes time. You can do it.


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  • To see hints of a female friend likes you, it takes time. They have to be sure before letting a guy know how they feel.