Guys: Have you ever initiated the "What are we?" talk?

A guy I've been seeing braught it up and I was really caught off guard. He asked if I like him and I said I like hanging out with him, and he didn't look thrilled with my answer. I was just confused because we don't talk everyday or anything like that. This is kind of a long-distance thing so I didn't think he wanted anything more than a casual relationship or is he just confused?


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  • I might bring it up in one of a couple different contexts. If I feel like the girl. is just wanting to hang and be friends I might bring it up to decide if I am wasting my time or not, or two we are dating and I am not clear if we are just dating or if she is expecting to be exclusive.

    Sometimes a guy might bring it up in hopes of moving things along or determining your interest. It sounds to me like he was hoping for more interest from you where you are looking to just kind of hang out.


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  • Nah I love my freedom, that's not in the sense of seeing other women, but the sense of no pressure, still being able to act selfishly so to speak. He's probably asking you to see what your response is. He may really like you but may not want to make the first move incase you don't relay the response he's looking for.

  • I wouldn't bring that up but the fact that he did might suggest he is actually a keeper think about that real slow and nice


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