Am I in the friendzone?

I've known this girl for about 2 months in my classes. At first I think I was closed to any relationship so I was a bit distant from her on the emotional side but in the last two months I've seen her almost everyday so I guess I started to have feelings towards her. I went to her house a few time, she already offered me to sleep at her house but we never kissed or anything more than physical contact. We had a party a few days ago and I was a bit too drunk. She didn't seemed really receptive to me that day and she slept with another older guy that night but I know it was only a one night thing. I think I realise I cared about her when I heard that, I was mad against myself.

The next day, she was acting all normal, texting me hearts and everything so I don't know where we both stand. And I know I should talk to her about it but I am so bad in talking about emotions. So where do you think I stand?


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  • Just look her in the eye and say "what's going on between us. Have you friend zoned me or was that 'one night stand' a forever thing. Make up your mind because I have made up mine". Say that to her with a hint of anger in your voice. Don't sound too angry though otherwise you will have been more than friend zoned


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  • I would say hearts means you have not been fz and do stand a chance.

  • You're not in the friend-zone, you'r in a I-never-told-her-how-I-feel-zone. Your intentions aren't clear to her, and even if she likes you she won't throw herself at you. Women like confidence and decisiveness in men. Don't just wait around for her to fall in love with you, do something about it.