How do you know if a guy is using you?

This may be stupid to ask but I guess right now I'm just having a heard time think I didn't mean anything to him this past year...


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  • Probably a good time to cut him out then.


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  • Distance yourself to find yourself again and you'll know. By distancing you give yourself space to find things you love doing. But I think if you're questioning it then you already know the answer. But try it and if he shows be cares and appreciates you more then it could be bad communication

    • He has broke up with me multiple times. I know deep down what I need to do but it doesn't make that fact I fell in love go away

    • I know what you mean but you deserve happiness and security you just have to put this down as a lesson learned and move on. It's hard when you love them but you have to love yourself more x

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  • If you feel like shit after seeing him