Is Waiting until 16 to Date a Good Idea?

First off, it is kind of a parents rule. But i have made it a goal in my life, by my own decision. I want to wait, i mean, what even is the point of dating when you can't even go on dates and stuff? I guess my question is should i wait even longer? I don't want to date for a while because i know i am not mature enough, and i don't want to do something stupid that i may regret one day. What do you think the best age to start dating is?


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  • I started around 14. It wasn't about going anywhere it was about being together. I don't think there is a certain age its just when you're ready


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  • Yes, especially since most relationships at an early ages don't lead to anything. If your not searching for someone to date than your life is going to be easier, and without as much distractions. Watch, when your older you won't have to search it will just happen naturally, that's when you should start.
    I don't like casual dating anyway, you should date to form a better relationship instead of just lust and physical attraction

  • You should wait until you're comfortable enough to do it. 16 is a good age to start if you want to.


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