Is it worth waiting for someone?

I recently met this girl. And we've been going out often. It seems that she's not into a serous relationship, her BFF told me its do to some emotional baggage. I think she was cheated on. My question is if anyone has waited for someone else to be ready to get into a serious relationship and forgot about their Ex? For me she's worth it, but just want some stories from others. Thanks.


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  • I had a childhood friend that I met in kindergarten and then I moved and we met up again in middle school. In 7th grade I realized I really liked him, but he was in the popular crowd so I thought he would never be interested in me and I was way too shy to ask him out and he always had a girlfriend even though they wouldn't last a week but we were good friends and I always felt horrible when he had a girlfriend they only wanted him because he was "really cute". Once we got to high school we lost contact till our junior year, but I would sorta say hi to him during lunch and "accudently" bump into him in the hall occasionally. One day during lunch he came to me and started talking to me more often, after asking me for my number and one late night texting session he asked me out >///< I was so happy and surprised I thought it was a prank! But we've been together for four years now. So yea it is worth the wait sometimes.


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  • we I guess mostly you will end up friend zoned but I know few people that this actually worked for them. So it all depends in how you do it I guess. I mean I got friend zoned so I will just tell you what I did so you can see and try to do different. I met her then we get along pretty well and she was just out of a relation ship with an a** of guy anyway she would call me any time crying badly and I'd just keep making her laugh tell she sleeps on me , talks with her about anything , helps her with her study (she was thinking about not having the final exams as she was out of shape) after I was done with her she passed the exams with B+ surprise her a lot with gifts and all also her self confidence was below zero I started to let her know how funny and beautiful she is till she gained it all over again (while I was struggling with my own life ) then she talked to him again and I warned her but she got back anyway but only for 1 week then he hurted her again then I fixed her up again then after a year of being the closest one ever to her I told her about my feelings and she gave me the we are just friends thing.

    • Sorry to hear that. My story is a little different. She does't contact me to talk. We went to a festival recently and toward the second day she was kind of sad looking. I asked many times what was wrong (our friends noticed too) and that she can tell me anything. But got "nothing wrong" answer. She usually doesn't initiate the convo. so I don't know for sure what is going on. I know she has feelings for me. But I guess she has feeling for her ex.