Guys what do you look for in a girl when you want to date her?

When do you know when you really want to date her?

How do you know that she's the one that you wanna take seriously?


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  • Physically speaking, I generally like girls who have a sense of composure and confidence in their actions, even if its very small. I also like girls who have a very well-balanced style, nothing too fancy, but not too casual or showy either. Something simple, but elegant.

    Personality wise, I like to be with a girl who's very outspoken and is passionate about what she loves, even if what she loves is considered weird or unique. Also the girl I'm with has to be confident in herself, but not prideful or stubborn; and she also has to be honest with who she is and to our relationship. Also, she has to know how to laugh!

    Hmm, in retrospect, it seems like I'm asking for a lot. But that's the type of girl whom I would want to be with.


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  • If a woman can challenge me on all levels and I feel I can trust her then I know I want to date her.

    I know that I want to take her seriously if she still has me interested after about 6 months and I don't get bored with the relationship.

    These might seem like very "heartless" things but I tend to be a practical person lol

  • If I may weigh in on this, in my opinion, I will date a woman who I can get along with. That's because currently I am looking for long term relationship. But that's me. Others can have different opinions based on their expectations. For people in the 18-24 age group, I would think there would be a great deal of number of them who are still want to to play the field, so to speak. But then again, that could be be my age prejudice talking.

    So, yeah I am a frickin' old fart. That's what I am, I guess :)

  • Apart from having a good vibe around her, looking good which for me is a sign of health she has to have a sense of humour and can laugh at things. She needs to be open to new ideas and lastly, which is a difficult quality to find and most women fake it, is the ability to use her own intuition and make her own decisions even if just a minute ago she said no, she can now say yes and maybe even go against what her friends say.

    I don't believe in owning anyone or long relations in a sense that we all learn and change at different rates. Meaning its easy to grow together as well as grow apart from each other. Why hold the other person back?

  • Physically speaking, I prefer girls who are simple but elegant in terms of looks. What I mean by that is that they're not too showy nor fancy in their looks. She should have a proportional build, not too fat, nor too thin, but just average. In layman's terms, it'd be a 'pretty average girl'. I mean she can't be trashy nor slutty, but should have some degree of class or elegance, and not to mention cuteness.

    In terms of personality, I'd like a girl, who above all else, understands me better than anyone else, someone who is faithful and loyal. Someone, who basically, who likes me for who I am, not for how much I make or how well I look.

    I mean, it may sound that I have high expectations, but those aren't high expectations. All I want is an average, nice girl that I can respect. (Honestly, many girls don't deserve my respect)


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