How do I get a girl to initiate text?

Been dating this girl for a few months. We've have gone out many times and have had fun, but I always start the convo through to text. But when we go out its a normal convo, my question is do I not text her until she does first?
Does this include not posting anything on social media. I want her to think about me. Any ideas. Thanks


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  • Well, actually in my opinion you could tell her that you'd like her to text you first if she feels like doing so. She may think that you should do it, for whatever reason.


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  • No worries man... It's kinda mean from girls to do that, but it's pretty usual that girls wait for guys to text first and I think it's not fair but it's a fact. You can do it once... don't initiate communication with her until she text you first, but don't over do it. If she did text you first then you can go back and keep on your usual texting. Good luck!