How do you attract guys when you're shy?

Pretty self-explanatory. I'm working on my looks and looking my best which obviously helps. I can be outgoing when I need to but it's usually pretty forced and uncomfortable. But when I am convertable, I am definitely more interesting lol. I'm in college and there's tons of people with SOs and it just seems so impossible from my point of view? Help me!


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  • It's definitely not easy to put yourself out there when it feels very uncomfortable. Honestly, I'm in the same boat as you. I'd try to find things that you're interested in. For instance if you like creative writing, join the school's writing club and see if you can meet people in an environment you're more comfortable being yourself in. Plus other people are there for the same reason: to meet people with similar interests in a comfortable environment.

  • You're probably already attracting guys, and they're also shy. Your best shot is to try and talk to them. Remember that men these days won't approach a girl, because society tells us that we're being "creepy" most of the time.


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