Party girls, could a relationship with an unsociable guy guy work?

I recently started college and have met a girl. She's recently moved states and doesn't know many people so appears to be quiet/shy. I'm not sure whether this is because she's just new to the place or because she gave into friend's peer pressure and is actually a quiet girl. After searching her on facebook (is this weird?), I discovered she likes to party and go clubbing. I don't. I also don't use facebook or most social networks because they make me feel like my life sucks because I don't have many friends. I would like a friendship but love a relationship and would like your opinion if it could work?


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  • It’s not impossible for it to work but chances are it will take a very magnetic, strong connection to keep the bond together. Something like that could make you two drift apart over time. If she values nights out on the town going dancing and wants to incorporate that into her life yet you can’t deliver then that could be problematic later on.

    • Thanks, I guess I could clubbing another try if she wants to go. I think the fear of another clubbing guy 'picking her up' would constantly be on my mind if I didn't like it.

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    • Can't say you're wrong, I haven't had a real girlfriend and have only had 'High School' relationships. I previously didn't care about having a girlfriend so didn't really try talking to girls, I'm changing now though and am starting to feel left out while all my friends have girlfriends. So you're saying quiet girls go clubbing too? Sorry, these are just my experiences and I'm glad you have had different. Thanks for your comments and answers too :)

    • I’m saying you should stop obsessively trying to categorize unique individuals dominantly by whether they go clubbing or not because it’s silly.

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  • It may or may not. I'm exactly the same, I don't like socializing, but I want a romantic relationship. I've managed to make it work out for a while, but eventually the women I'm dating get creeped out that I don't have a social life.

    • Have you ever considered trying to just fit in? I've been listening to chart music lately to feel more connected to my generation but I've always had more of a 'hipster' opinion on music and TV which made me a bit of an outcast.

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    • Yes it has, but I'm not willing to change.

    • Respect to you man, I can't say I will do the same. I'm sure the perfect grl will come along eventually :)