Chasing After Unatainable Women - Why?

I really need your thoughts here. Long story short, I like a girl, then, when I find out she likes me, I lose all interest.

I have yet to stay interested in a girl that I once liked but then found out she liked me too. However, women I can't have, I stay attracted to... Any thoughts as to why?


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  • The thrill of the chase, is what it sounds like. We want what we can't have. It seems that once the "chase" is over for you, there's no point to it anymore because there's no more thrill involved. Chasing a woman involves effort on your part, and that's part of what makes it so exhilarating. Once you find that a woman has mutual feelings for you, that means that there's no more work to be done, which seemingly means that there's nothing thrilling left, and therefore nothing worth pursuing anymore (which is wrong... a relationship alone involves tremendous amounts of effort to make it work/last, and relationships have their own thrills involved.)


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  • Maybe you are afraid of actually being with them.

  • You are just chasing after them.


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