Can a girl and boy just be friends?

Me and this girl have been friends for a while and getting closer. I've enjoyed the friendship even though I've had a crush on her from the beggining. I just can't tell if she likes me and I lack any confidence that I look attractive to her.

I enjoy just talking to her and doing things cause she's always happy and she let's my inner self out. I honestly prefer talking to girls cause a lot of guys are douche and make fun of people. Our convorserstions flow and are more getting to know each other or silly stuff wish I enjoy more than guy talk.

I'm a pretty "masculine", I workout, sports, games, etc. But I enjoy chick flicks or shows like Gossip Girl ( I dunno why I do lol) and I wanna talk about em to her cause she loves em too. But would that be a bad idea? I'm not sure where this "friendship" is going but I feel happy yet worried cause some guy might take her :(. All I have is that she pays attention to me in groups and we kinda have a "connection" that other people think some things up between us. Anyone else been in a situation like this? What did you guys do?


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  • yes and no it really depends on the two people everyone is different. I'm dealing with a situation sort of similar to that right now were the guy is interested in me but he's also interested in another girl he's known longer. Since he told me his feelings too soon and I don't know how I feel about him its hard for us to go back to what was when there wasn't much to begin with.
    I feel anytime you involve emotions into a friendship it confuses things if it is said too soon and its hard to go back to what was. though if you've known the person for a long time and feelings come into play it is easier to go back to what was if it doesn't work out and if it does than you can build even more on what is already there. Since you and this girl have been friends for a while I think you ought to let her know how you feel since honesty is what women value most, that and communication. and just see what she says. though yes women and men can be just friends providing the friendship has been there for a while already.

    • I had a bad day by doing bad on a Calc test and she got a bad score and I got so self centered because It shocked me so much that II forgot about helping her feel better. At lunch I saw this guy sitting with her group making her laugh the with her friend it killed me inside. Then I saw her being comforted for her by my sisters ex at the end and I couldn't go over cause its awkward with that dude. They had a friendly "its alright" hug which pretty much killed me. I have never even hugged her. I have midterms, my calc sucks, I didn't act caring for her... I feel so horrible. Me and her are still doing a study group in a few days but I feel so hurt everything seems wrong :( advice?


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  • i've always believed we can just be friends.


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  • I am pretty sure most guys would fuck any female friend they have.

  • All this time I wanted a friend who is a girl but always am trying to flirt with them