Attention! I think my manager who is engaged has a crush on me? Could this be true?

Hear me out, she is engaged and you must be thinking im taking it the wrong way but the way this woman acts around me is almost too friendly. she's constantly flirting with me, finding any reason to touch me, telling me things like "i can't wait to see you" "you should come to this bar with me after work" "im so excited your here!" "Dont clock out! Dont want you to leave me". I thought she was just friendly but I noticed she doesn't do this to any of the male conworkers just me. she's very touchy always rubbing up against me and always finding a reason to touch me. Constantly staring at me and telling me i either looknor smell good. Its not that i feel uncomfortable with it its just awkward cause this girl is engaged! Im sure if your fiance was doing this to a co worker you wouldn't feel to comfortable about it.
Note: We are both 22 years old


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  • From what you are telling me, it sounds like she is quite fond of you if she is only doing this to you. She probably does like you. How do you know she's engaged? What I would do is either respectfully let her know your boundaries/ comfort zone or just leave it alone. You don't want to get fired or have an awkward situation occur so as long as nothing happens and you know nothing could happen and you do nothing to instigate anything, then the ball is in her court to be responsible and a caring fiance.


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  • Seems like she wants the D to me.


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  • Yup, she is flirting with you.


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