Girls, What's the best way a guy can initiate a make-out session with a girl he hasn't tried with before?

Of course I'd like to try avoid making a fool of myself so I don't want to go balls-to-the-wall and get rejected. What's a subtle, effective way to gauge interest you girls like?


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  • Just be soft, be gentle. Everything starts with a look and a nice touch. Start to look more into her eyes and lips, have a playfull but sweet smile on your face. You have to touch her, you can actually start doing this before the look, like touching her hand or her arm or her hair... something like it was not on purpose. Then go from there and have fun ;)

  • Well, the first time my guy and I kissed, we were just sitting side by side having a normal conversation before when he just suddenly stopped talking, looked into my eyes, and smiled at me. He then held my face in his hands and said, "I really wanna kiss you right now", pulled me closer and then we kissed :)
    I'm not sure of your situation but for us, we were both already very into each other and we both knew it so I guess he wasn't afraid he'd get rejected.

    Good luck! :)