Should I text him or wait for him to contact me?

I Started dating this guy 5weeks ago. The first Saturday we went for dinner, it went really well and he mentioned at the end he'd like to take me out again. He followed up with a text the next day and a couple days later asked me out again. The next Saturday we went to a funfair and then he took me for cocktails later. Dropped me off at home and kissed me. Followed up with a text the next day asking how the rest of my night went. Third date was at his place he cooked for me had some drinks and ended up having sex, slept over and things seemed fine. He texted me the next day and also a couple days after but when I responded he didn't reply. Texted me again another day asking me out for the Saturday to a social with his friends. That day we had sex again before meeting up with his friends. He was with his best friend the whole night so I ended up hanging with his other friends and we didn't really see much of each other the entire night. There was a misunderstanding between his friends at the end of the night and this got him in a pissed off mood, awkward for me lol. I asked later if he wanted to hang out one on one as I didn't see much of him all night and he said he had to be up early and he dropped me off at home with a goodnight kiss but haven't heard from him since and it's been over a week. Should I text to see what's up or wait for him to contact me? Did he lose interest? If it's any help I'm 20 and he's 23.


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  • Send him a text and see if he wants to get together. If he turns you down or doesn't respond, move on.


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  • I think you should be the one to initiate the date this time.


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  • seems he always texted you first..
    i think you should do that.

    • Text him first? I never text first cause I'm scared I won't get a response.

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