I like my math teacher, should I go and ask him out?

Before you all go crazy, he's a 26 y old student and only there to fill my real teacher's absence. I am 17 and it's legal to have sex with someone over 15 in my location. I think he likes me back, i always catch him lookin at me even when i'm not lookin at him. He'll leave the school when my teacher is back. So should i go ask? Cuz he might not be able to that, u know, i am a student. And if u say i should go for him, what shall i say exactly?

A little detail;i am not saying that i'll make my move just now. I can't wait till he's no longer my teacher, which is in couple months.


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  • Don't do it. You might get him in BIG trouble.

    • How come?

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    • What if wait till he's no longer my teacher? Like i said, he's actually only a student and fills my teacher's absence.

    • His school recommendation from your school will be bad.

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  • Sure if you want to selfishly destroy his career and ruin any ounce of professionalism he's supposed to have.


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  • Girls like you are trouble. You remind me of the young female Enlisted sailors who hit on me. Don't get me wrong; they are attractive, but I couldn't touch them. So, I would say if you really like him, don't put him in that situation.

    • Thanks for mentioning me as a trouble first off and second, i'm not saying i'll go ask just now. But he won't be my teacher after couple months.

    • You are because he's probably thought about it; that's why he stares at you.

  • Pretty sure Van Halen can help you out more than us.


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  • Dont. Dont do it

    • Why?

    • Because you can cause troubles. Allso he might you're making a joke/someone sent yiu to test his reaction and he'll hate and can make your life hell...