How do you distinguish between really liking someone and obsession?

So there's a girl that I really like. We've hung out and have talked for a bit. We're not dating because she's not interested in a relationship for now. I really like her and I don't want to give up on her. How I determine if it's really because I really like her or if it's an obsession (which is obviously unhealthy)?

Okay so based on what everyone said, it doesn't seem like I'm obsessed. I'm able to function my daily life lol and I'm not doing anything irrational like stalking her. But I do think about her a lot. I'm just not interested in dating other girls right now however. I've been at social events where there's a lot of attractive women but just haven't had any interest. I don't know if that means I'm obsessed.


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  • A certain amount of 'obsession' is normal if you are infatuated. A researcher called Helen Fisher talks a bit about this topic. The brain of someone who is in love is very similar to someone addicted to cocaine apparently. People get excited when they think about someone they like which makes them think about them even more.
    How do you know if its gone too far? Well... Is it destructive? Is it consuming your life? Do you think it's gone too far?
    Is it destructive to your relationship with her? Are you doing what's best for her or are you only thinking about yourself?

    If you love her you will want what is best for her


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  • Do you tail her around town? Hang around her house at night? Send her unwanted text messages? No? Then it's not an obsession. And you should date someone else.


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  • Are you able to think about other things? Do other things? are you able to perform your work or school duties? Are you able to date other girls? if you answered no to any or all, there may be a problem.

    • not wanting to date other people doesn't mean you're obsessed. doit just m, enamel thats the person you're interested in.

    • does not mean*

    • oh sorry. nvm. i didn't see that she rejected him. :)

  • When it's obsession, your mind does the leading.

    If you have a lot of free time, you will most likely want to talk to her more.

    So, get busy. See if you still have feelings for her after that.

  • You've fallen badly man! 😳😙 i'm waiting for happy ending 😇😇. It's love not obsession 😍

    • I wouldn't say I'm in love but I really like her though haha.

    • If you like her that much it can be love because though a lot buTterflies around you keep yourself for her. I don't know too sorry it's just what i think 😇😇😇

  • An obsession would be you harassing her and asking her out after she turned down your advances

    • So trying again in the future would be considered an obsession?

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    • But she's turned down other guys recently for the same reason. It's not just me. Unless she wasn't interested in any of them either.

    • You do not know exactly why she turned them down. Were you there when she rejected them? So how can you say that was the same reason? And even if they did they have just the same amount of chance as you of getting with her

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  • It's easy. If you're an alpha male, than nobody can negatively judge you wants and desires. If you're a beta faggot, then you're a creepy needy loser.

    Got it?

  • i am in the same situation. so any advice would be great for me too

  • Play it cool, man. Tell her how you feel, if she ain't into that, then let her go. Honestly, it ain't worth it. Chase someone worth chasing.