How to Approach a girl you dont know?

I've never had a problem talking to and flirting with girls nor do I fear rejection from them. But for some reason I have a strong fear of initiating conversation with a girls. It sucks because I always have girls checking me out and tons of positive body language and flirting from afar, but When she gives me the go ahead I always back out for some reason. Any advice would be appreciated


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  • I have found that the most sucessful conversations start by pointing out simularites, such as a book i'm carrying or a character on my tshirt. However, it takes finding those simularities and having them be true simularities


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  • Be yourself and assertive. Ask her something, for her number or how you like her I don't know, and show confidence. It works, too many girls at my school fall for it xD

    • I would be terrified if some random dude just came up and asked for my nimber. There is a difference between a complete stranger and someone you have seen around asking. Its like saying "hey, i don't really care about you as a person, but your hot, so i want to date you."

    • @animeFreak Haha yeah I can see your point and that's true. But if you see them everyday and talk to them (this is at college) then it makes it less awkward. Obviously out in public is someone you don't know walks up to you that's strange lol.