Help a first time guy?

I want to ask this girl out to the fair for tomorrow night. Well I didn't get to see her today to ask in person. We are friends and have talked in person and texted and fb and all that. Would it be ok to text her and ask her to the fair?


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  • If you have already texted in fb and all that, then it won't be that difficult to ask her out through it.

    • We have just talked through it. I just wasn't sure if she would think its was strange to do it over text.

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  • I'm too old to really say no but when you ask out a girl you should always make her feel special. If your invite sounds too buddy buddy, you'll be stuck in a friend zone. Double date are good way to keep it light but still romantic

    • That's a great idea. Thanks


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  • Go for it man

    • How would you do it with out being in the friend zone. Because we are some what friends