Is this more than hooking up?

I've been dating this guy now for a few months and we've been hitting off but I can't tell if he is interested in getting to know me further or just hooking up. We've gone out on dates on top of going to each other's place. I've met his roommate and he's met majority of my friends. We text quite a bit. My only thing is we work together and he seems like he didn't want anyone really to know then I heard he told another male coworker that he is "hitting it" and also talking about getting with other female co workers. He tells me he really likes me. I have a 3 yr old son and I don't just bring people around him and he's mentioned introducing himself to my son but if this is like just hooking up I am not interested in him meeting my son. This is basically why I'm curious. Is this just turning into a prolonged booty call or is he interested in me?


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  • A guy who is really interested and really cares about you doesn't tell co-workers that he is tapping that stuff.


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  • From what you've said, I think you could assume that he wants to take it further. I think if he just wanted to keep you around for sex, he would have no reason for wanting to meet your son. Remember, guys are very simple.
    Anyway, the best thing to do here, is to ask him about it... "where do you see this going?" There's no hurt in discussing the relationship in plain terms