My boyfriend randomly said 'love you'?

My boyfriend randomly said 'love you' as I was walking him out this morning. He was in front of me I was talking, stopped and he said love you then turned to kiss me good bye. It came out so casually but we have never said that before.

he also hasn't been in a serious relationship in years so it wasn't habit. I was fighting back those words Saturday. I've also been wondering if he will ever tell me those words, not so much wondering if he feels them because I think he does but he has a hard time expressing these things. I'm going to pretend it didn't happen but guys, have you ever accidentally let those words spill out those words spill out like that?


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  • I don't think it "accidentally" spilled, i think he wanted to say it and said it.

    • You don't just let it spill out like that not even facing the person for the first time. I guess he could have been just testing the waters though to see if my face would look freaked out. I've had guys 'accidentally' say it before just to see my reaction before making a proclamation.

    • Thanks fot he MHO

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