Troubling dreams?

I've been having troubling dreams that make me kind of upset with my boyfriend when he sleeps over. Last night I had a dream that he was telling me and other people infront of me he wanted to sleep with this girl but couldn't get her so slept with me instead. Then he randomly broke up with me and left me drunk in a pub. The funny thing is he turned into my ex from college who was a dick halfway through the dream so still kind of him but looking and acting like my ex.

When I woke up I was upset but realized my boyfriend or was on the complete opposite side of the bed so I figured I pushed him away or something so I went and have him a cuddle which he returned.

I I think it is just me being insecure as we get closer. Anyone else experience this?


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  • Dreams are generally a mixture of all the BIG events in your life


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  • Yes, I have. You're right it's insecurity. I've found cuddling helps also to tell your boyfriend you had a bad dream and ask him to hold you. You don't have to share the details of the dream of you don't want but if you do I'm sure he'll want to reassure you.


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  • These are just dreams. Live in reality. Dreams are thoughts and ideas got mixed together with out any order. If you currently having a nice relationship, go on with it and be happy.

  • Short of the story:
    dreams=brain thoughts
    Don't let bad dreams affect you and don't let negative thoughts control you. Good luck!


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