What should I do abouth the situation?

So this guy that I been talking to for awhile who I met online we had plan on hanging out. He was supposed to pick me up at my house. I waited for him until about 12 then I fell asleep. So couple of days later I text him and ask what happened. He gotten upset with him. And he told me that hr did came and text me that he was there. so I tried to explain to him that I had fallen asleep. So now he mad at me because I guess he thinks I stood him up. So what should I do?


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  • He wasn't there before midnight? When was he supposed to be there?

    • He never gave me a time. He texted me saying he was coming and that was at 10pm.

    • After 10 pm is late to be beginning a first date with someone. If he wasn't there before midnight, he owes you an apology, but you should probably just look for another guy.

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  • Midnight is the next day. In the future have a defined time.

  • brown shirt with the name of the town I am from


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