Girls, dating advice from experience?

Girls, dating advice from experience?

I'm kinda rusty. Not exactly sure how to handle texting, who initiates what and what guys are actually looking for. What separates a girl who is really fun to hangout/hookup with, and a girl who a guy actually falls for and wants to date?


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  • This may not be what you're looking for... but don't try to be anything but YOURSELF! Yes, guys do like "really fun/cool girls", but if you're not being yourself, he will eventually see right through that and then you will be left heartbroken. Just don't be shy or you may miss an opportunity! He should decide to date you for who you are anyways, not who you are trying to be. (:

    good luck girl!

    • I'm super outgoing and confident but just aren't having any luck with guys wanting to commit. That's what they say "you're so much fun and really confident... I just don't know..." it's annoying

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    • Mostly because they're afraid of losing their "freedom"... Great girls DO give them their freedom, just not freedom to sleep around!

    • Ahhhhh, makes a lot of sense! Yeah I usually give guys a lot of freedom to do whatever they want... EXCEPT hookup with other females lol