Why can I get everything in my life but women?

I have literally everything a guy could ever ask for. A job that pays double what most of my friends are making, a really nice house that I just bought and have been renovating, a great family and circle of guy friends, I have the money to go on a tour of Europe this winter with 2 of my friends, and my life is actually awesome, excpet for the fact that I have never had a girlfriend. Ever. I just want someone who I can settle down with, and raise a family. Someone who I love who I could go to Europe with (I like my friends but I have always dreamed of travelling the world with someone I love). I have all the confidence in the world in myself, and things I understand (like finance, and football). Women though, it seems like the more I read about them the worse I get at them. I have struggled with asking women out since high school, no matter how much I calm myself down, no matter how many friends I have backing me up, I always either back out of asking her out or get red in the face, stutter, and forget what to say. I have met with CEO's of multinational companies and had all the confidence in the world, but when looking for a romantic relationship asking out a woman throws me off my game. The other issues is that I have fairly strict standards, most of which I can ignore provided she is nice looking (not a model, but nice looking), my religion, my side of the political spectrum, and family oriented. Since its hard enough finding women that are these things its not everyday I come across one, that isn't already taken. When I do find one who I like I just get so nervous around her, I thought I would get better as I get older but I'm 23 and still struggle with it. I still mentally shutdown in the presence of women I am interested in. Why is it so difficult for me to get women? I think I seriously have a problem, because it should definitely be harder to meet the CEO of a company, then to ask a woman out, but I would rather meet with a CEO


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  • You're probably just scared/shy with women because you're inexperienced.
    You could try just downloading a dating app or something (not for meeting the love of your life) just to casually learn how to talk to women and practice your flirting skills. Once you're actually a charmer and have gotten some confidence with women you can try and approach women in the real world.
    Then also you might be spending too few time actually looking for a potential partner as you say you work a lot, do stuff with your friends and family, etc it just doesn't seem like there's still much time left to actually spend trying to get into dating.
    Anyways try out the app thing it might help you to for a start.


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  • Hey man, you are still young. It is not uncommon for this to happen.

    But you know what? Things are looking great for you and it seems like you are setting yourself up for success, and that includes success in finding love. As long as you don't possess some internal resentment towards women, or excessive self-deprication, I think you will be just fine.


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  • Accept who you are and be yourself at all times. Try seeking women who have similar characteristics or interest as you do.


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