Is it time to let go?

I have been dating this guy and he is really quiet now. He almost never tells me about what is making him upset. I ask him and he just shrugs. we can sit alone for hours in complete silence because something is bothering him and he won't tell me what it is. I thought it was just how he was, but then yesterday someone else asked him what was wrong after i had asked three or four times and he told her. He told her everyting that was bothering him like it was no big deal. What is going on. Im his girlfriend isn't he supposed to be able to tell me stuff like that. Then after she left he got all quiet again. I have no idea what this means... What should i do?


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  • First of all, STOP asking him what's wrong! You asked him once and he told you what he wanted you to know - even if it was just a shrug. Guys feel COMPLETELY different about things than us girls. Guys want to feel macho, manly, and like they can handle it all... especially to the person he is dating. If he were to tell you everything that's going "wrong" in his life, he feels like he is burdening you with his problems, even though us girls don't feel that way. Plus, the natural thing for a girl to do is to try to fix whatever is wrong... but if you do that it would make him feel like less of a man.

    Just be you, and stop hounding him to tell you what's wrong. It's ok to ask once, but no matter what his answer is, drop it after that. And if he DOES open up to you, DO NOT try to solve his problem unless he straight up asks you for advice or help! Hounding him about it if you pressuring him which will only push him further away. Don't take it personally, it's not about you, it's about him. Let him deal with his problems his way. If you don't you just may lose him for good.

    • The first time i asked him what was wrong was days ago. Yesterday he seemed off again and i asked him if everything was ok and he shrugged then i let it go and tried to make him smile by just being me. But he was still sad so we just sat in quiet for a while until this girl came up and asked him what was wrong. I dont try and solve his problems because he never tells me them or if he needs help. I care about him a lot and am worried about him.

    • It can take a man DAYS or sometimes a week or two to get past things and get out of their "mood". It's totally normal and natural.

      If you truly had something to worry about, like serious depression or thoughts of suicide, that girl would have let you know.


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  • that's just weird. he should be able to talk to you about it and open up to you. you need communication. ask him about why he doesn't tell you things... if he still won't tell you, then you need to break up

  • sorry but i think so... no communication in a relationship is not good at all

  • Have you ever asked him why he won't talk to you, but will talk to others?