How often is too often to contact him?

Hey guys. So I've had feelings for my best friend for a while. We hang out all the time, and he's just all around awesome. When we text, we can talk for hours or even days. Last week, he texted on a Monday and we held the convo through to Thursday. I thought I would text him first yesterday, but we only talked through the night (about 4 hours) Is it wrong to want to talk to him all the time? I don't obviously, I usually wait a few days or until I see/hear from him. How often is too often to text him?
For reference, I think he might know I like him. But right now we are friends who just flirt from time to time.
I don't wanna come off as crazy or clingy.


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  • Next time you get into an extended conversation, drop a comment about "this would be easier if we just saw each other in person. Do you want to get together sometime soon?" That does not sound like you are asking him for a date, but it gets the ball rolling.


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  • You should wait for 2 days before contacting him. He may consider you clingy if you keep texting him all the time. He has probably figured out you are into him by now due to the time you invest talking to him.


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  • If he flirts back, chances are that he's into you too. BE STRAIGHTFORWARD! What is the worst that can happen? What, you lose a friend? You'll find more. IT IS NOT the end of the world.


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