My cousins ex, will it violate some sort of girl code?

My cousin.. She's not blood related but I've known her my whole life. She was dating a really nice guy for about 3 months until he found out she was sleeping with other guys because he wanted to wait. It's now been 8 months since and we've become close friends. He is kind of very thing I want in a guy he's mature, kind, knows what he wants, funny and stands up for everything he believes in but saying that is there a girl code id be crossing if I were to go On a date with him? He asked me if I would consider a date with him but I haven't responded yet.. What should I do? Honestly I've never been on a date before because I've never been attracted to someone enough but I really want this..


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  • I think it should be ok based on the fact that she cheated on him.


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  • Based on what you said and especially the time that had passed, I think it's totally fine to be able to date him. Does your cousin know you are friends with him?

    • Yeah she does. I'm not sure how she feels about it but every time he's mentioned or she sees him she always saying something horrible about him so I'm just not sure it'd end well

    • I would've said talk to her but if she's acting like that, no need. Make your own assessment after a date or two. I wouldn't consider you breaking the girl code after 8+ months.


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  • Would you tell your cousin about it?

    • Yeah I would

    • Your cousin may feel uncomfortable about it and may not want to express her true feelings, so tell her that you are interested but will not do anything unless you have her approval. Tell her to think about it for a day or two and, if it is okay, to let you know. This way, if it is not okay, she doesn't need to say anything

  • I don't now about the girl code but if it was a guy In that situation it would break the bro code


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