Friendzone or likes me?

So I like this guy we have never hanged out before but I see him often in school. Anyways we always have short convo but I think they are good one cuz we laugh. One day I went out with a group of friends for coffee he was also invited. There wasn't enough chairs in one of the tables so me and him ended up sitting on a table together. we were talking about everything and he starts telling me about how this girl likes him and that it makes him feel uncomfortable how she acts with him cuz he is not intrested. And he said "I am not ready for a relationship so I am not intrested. Anyways I feel what we shared was not something we would tell other people he is a really private about his personal life. Later he ended up telling me "But when I am with you I feel comfortable talking" What excatly could this mean or Am I reading to much into this does he want to be friends?

I had post this question in another topic but got no opinions.


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  • It looks like he has a ;small' crush for you, or he is just being comfortable with you. But friendzone? No way! You're just being paranoid.


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  • He's interested

  • Tell him how you feel! If he's not into it, then move on. Life's too short to linger on and wonder what if.


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