She's texting this guy from her job?

I've been dating this girl for a year now, she went out with this guy basically a few times but she said nothing happened between them. She was honest with me and said he wanted to be more than friends and really liked her. They were friends before and still work together. I looked at her phone and recently she sent him a few texts one on her birthday basically mad at him for not wishing her happy birthday and then a couple more a few days later, both late at night basically asking him about movies and trying to joke around with him. Is this cause for concern or no?


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  • When did she went out with him? And honestly if he was interested in her before, he isn't just magically gonna stop being interested in her. Even if you know your girlfriend won't cheat being friends with a guy like that who obviously wants something more is definitely a cause for concern.

  • Ask her what the deal is. I don't understand why everyone in this generation are so afraid to take the leap. IT IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. Be straightforward.