What guy should I choose?

i was talking to this guy (guy 1)for along time last year but he didn't want to commit at the time so I moved on and went out with some else but then we broke up and a few weeks ago me and guy 1 started to talk again, he had just gotten out of a bad break up but I think he might like me. but now this other guy ( guy 2) just told me that he really likes me and that me and that when him and his girlfriend break up he was gonna ask me out. but I'm caught between guy1 and guy 2. guy 1 and me have been through a lot together but he doesn't go to the same school. guy 2 and I go to the same school but haven't known each other long .


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  • How can guy 2 even tell you that when he has a girlfriend to begin with. I mean what if you were that other girl, it does'nt make sence, this guy is danger if you tell me. I'm not saying he's a mean person I'm just telling you that he seems confuse to see who he really wants to be, knowing he is already with someone else. If I were you I would lean towards guy number one, at least he has no one on the midle between you two. Nevertheless, its all up to you, but beware, this situation could turn out ugly and fast. Take care, and think not with your mind, but with your heart ms.


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  • '...that when him and his girlfriend break up he was gonna ask me out.'

    no comment on guy 1 but guy 2 doesn't sound like he's too serious about a relationship. he's still with his girlfriend and already planning on breaking up..what's he waiting for? if he really wanted you he'd just end it with his current girlfriend there and ask you out. it makes it sound like you're some kind of backburner girl to him

  • I don't think you should ask other people to influence on your relationship decisions. Just look inside youself and see which decision is best :)


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