Getting a 3 bed room with my brother and boyfriend. Im basically doing an experiment. I want to sleep in my own room most nights. Yes or no?

My brother and I used to live together. I loved it. I started school and had to move out. So donte took my place. Donte and I are now dating. And we're all super close. So we're getting a 3 bed room because it's cheaper to have roommates. But I don't wanna officially move in with Donte (just me and him in a one bed room) until we are officially getting married. So I plan on leasing this apartment with them for a year or 2.. Then I'm gonna get my own place. Once I'm done with RN schooling. I just finished the LPN program. OK so the experiment is sleeping in my own bed most nights. So we don't smother each other subconsciously. He doesn't realize we smother each other yet. Do you guys think I can /should try and sleep in my own bed most nights. ? I feel like I need SOME space. I mean we are gonna see each other EVERY MORNING. . and EVERY NIGHT. Is that asking for to much from your boyfriend who wants to sleep with you every night?


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  • bad idea!!! Male family members are usually protective over their female family members, I would feel very uncomfortable with living with a girl's brother, i would constantly fear getting beaten up every time for having sex with the girl


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  • Honestly, I don't think this is a good idea. It's more likely than not gonna cause friction in your relationship. He's gonna feel rejected when you want to sleep alone. Also, three people in such a small space you're bound to get on each others nerves. Even though you're all friends it's gonna be awkward for your brother too being basically a third wheel every single day...

    • Not too concerned about my brother. he's super cool. But as far as donte.. this could either make or break us pretty much. And that concludes my experiment pretty much.

    • Ok so what happens if you guys break up? Can you and your brother take on the remainder of the release without him? Where is he gonna go?