Boyfriend followed 15 new account on instagrams yesterday... is he trying to revenge?

He started following me last month and i follwoed him back. Yesterday I saw that he followed 16 accounts, looks like most are actress and some unknown female with provocative image.

Is he trying to look else where? or is he revenging because he might have saw the photos of guys I like? However I dind't follow them, I only lked their photos because they liked mine.

I have already unfollowed him and I'm tempted to unfriend him on facebook as well


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  • Men always want what they can't have, he already has you and you are not really that attractive to him anymore. Try posting your own provocative photos on instragram, that will shift his attention back to you for a little while. After all men wants variety, don't expect us to be loyal

    • That's about the dumbest "advice" I've ever heard.

    • @Confused_in_GA

      Don't hate on me just because I'm speaking of the truth. I read how you and your guy met, you need lots of luck for that to last. Your status says dating, guess you he is not as devoted to you as your described to be? is that why you are so angry towards my comment?

    • I didn't even check her status LOL Sounds like she needs reality check, she might have confused her date as boyfriend. He might run a mile when he hears she calls him boyfriend hahaha

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  • yea i think its the reason why you should not trust him...


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  • i'm concerned more about the fact that you seem to take direction of your relationship from social media than the fact that he's following someone or you're following someone. your relationship should be solid enough that social media shouldn't be used as a tool to incite jealousy, get revenge or anything like that.

    so why did he follow 15 new people? i don't know, and frankly if your relationship is taking cues from social media actions i wonder how strong it is

  • you're overthinking this, he was horny and saw eye candy and pressed follow, that's it

    • Ok, I will press follow on more beef cake to make it even.. but now that I unfollowed him and regretting it.. what to do?

  • How old are you? This is the kind of thing a teenager does. Who cares who he follows on Instagram? I suggest growing up a bit.

  • How do you even know when he adds someone new?

    Do you honestly waste your time, checking every name on his following list?

    • I don't have to go through his list, when you click following it gives you an update of everyone you follow. it says he followed such and such.

      and your point is?

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    • @Hellboy

      I know exactly how it works, the only way she'd figure it out is by constantly stalking what he's doing.

    • And you're an insecure girl with issues.
      Keep making a big deal over nothing and watch him break up with you.

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  • *slams head on table*
    So because he's followed some actresses he must be cheating? Maybe he likes the films they are in. He doesn't even know them. Everyone knows you go on instagram to find your future spouse. Why speak to them when pictures do all the talking, right?

    You should unfriend him on Facebook. You have 0 trust in him.


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    • Good.
      Remember, men have dicks and regardless if they are in a relationship, most of them think with them. Men often just want to satisfy themselves, and if you have a man who's faithful you hold on tight.

      Men can be untrustworthy. But some can be more than brilliant. It sounds like you've had bad luck in the past.

      When it comes to your boyfriend, yes, you over reacted, but I think you need to sit down and really talk to him about your trust in each other and how you feel. Otherwise, this panic will never leave you.

    • You're right we need to talk, he does have a lot to improve in communication in general. Anyway I have already unfollowed him, doubt he would notice. I tried to subtly bring up the subject in the past, he said the only time he feels insecure is during the first couple of weeks when he didn't know where he stands with me. He said now that we are exclusive he wouldn't assume I'm cheating or anything.. he is a bit simple minded...

  • So you are a 30-35 year old woman considering blocking and unfriending your BOYFRIEND? Because he liked photos of celebrities he will never meet in person?
    You have issues and should grow up. Act your age chicky. GTFU.

  • Seriously? It's JUST instagram... it's not reality. You're blowing this way out of proportion. If you're going to get that upset about something so minute, you aren't ready for a relationship.

    • Really? What if it was your own boyfriend following all these half naked women? I never have issue with that but follwoing 15 in a day makes it looks like it's some game he is playing

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    • Reality Check: there is a difference between "racy" photos and modeling photos. But I highly doubt that you are a model because you are extremely insecure about YOURSELF.

      So me trusting my boyfriend who is completely devoted to me and not unfollowing him on all forms of social media just because he follows other women makes me immature? Lol honey, you need to see a therapist for real. You are a lost cause, and I'm not wasting anymore of my time. Good luck in life.

    • I'm not here to convince anyone, believe whatever you want. Just watch your boyfriend cheat on you or dump you for anyother girl who is nicer than you are. I hope your face is at least pretty to make up your lack of personality. Bye

  • Stalk him much?

  • How does this even matter?