Do you and your significant other have a 'celebrity pass'?

A celbrity pass is basically, for what ever reason, if you had the chance to spend ONE night with that celbrity, you would let your significant other do it no problem.

It is really more of a joke than anything serious for anyone who has never really heard of this lol even in the wildest chances, this actually happened, I doubt many couples if any would go through with it, but it is really a fun way of talking about your partners crushes and seeing what they like lol


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  • No, we don't. When he gets back from class, I'll ask him who he'd choose though if I have to guess I'd say it would be Rose Leslie... I don't know who I'd pick :/ Maybe Avan Jogia? He looks pretty good.


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  • no we don't have a celebrity pass.

  • No because it would be a shit deal for me.

    While the odds of either scenario happening are slim to none, it's much more likely for a male celebrity to hook up with a fan than it is for a female celebrity to hook up with a fan.