Girls, Is it wrong that I feel like no girl is out of my league?

I was talking with a female friend recently about a girl I like. The girl I like is really hot, and my female friend remarked that I seem to believe that I can get any girl, insinuating that I was delusional for thinking that I have a shot with my crush. I replied that I don't believe any girl is ever out of my league, and we had a long debate about this based on her belief that it's delusional for a guy to think like me. I'm not afraid to hit on any girl, even if I were to meet a Brazilian supermodel or something, I wouldn't feel like she was "better" than me at all. I might strike out with her LOL, but I would never believe that I wasn't good enough for her.

I am a confident guy, but I don't think that's arrogance. It's not as though I honestly believe every girl would *want* me, I just believe that I have a chance because I have a lot to offer a girl. Is it wrong or bad for me to think this?


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  • No you are doing it right. Sounds like this friend of yours likes you and is jealous. Go for it confidence is everything x

  • It depends. Besides looks do you have a good education? Are you cultured and well read? Are you well travelled? Do you have a way with words?
    If yes, then no girl is out if your league...

    • Yes, I have a lot to offer, "a lot" implying a lot more than just looks.