First date, PLEASE HELP?

Hey guys! I'm going on my very first date ever (sad I know) on Monday and I'm extremely nervous! He texted me and said that we were going to a drive in movie and possibly just wandering around town afterwards. He then said I could come over after, but I don't really know how to feel about that. It's only the 1st date and I really dont want to do anything. I'm also worried that he might try to kiss me or hold my hand during the date. I know that it's normal to do those things, but I have anxiety and I'm shy and just an awkward person in general so I'm scared. I haven't had my first kiss yet either. I feel so pathetic. I'm a junior in high school by the way. Anways, does anybody have any tips for me? I'm feeling so panicked and honestly just thinking of canceling.


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  • Tips in my opinion. 1. Don't kiss him until you're absolutely sure he's OK with it. 2. Cuddle up, unless he gets uncomfortable. A head on his shoulder during the movie is perfect. 3. Hold hands! Again, if he's OK with it. 4. Small talk! Tell him more about yourself, and ask him questions about his life, too! 5 . If you do kiss, do not suck on the lips. Just press your lips to his until it feels right. 6. Plan another date! 7. Meet his parents, act nice. You can't make them feel nervous about you dating him. 8. No "I love you" yet. Maybe after 7 or 8 dates, but not on a 1st. 9. Enjoy yourself, don't be nervous! ---hope I could help!


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  • I think you're not ready to start dating yet to be honest if you're this nervous and scared about it. Seriously. You're not ready to date and thats perfectly ok, but you shouldn't be panicking and worrying over the possibility of such stuff happening. Please don't feel pathetic there is nothing wrong with not being ready but I would wait until you are much more comfortable about these ideas :)


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  • Not that sad, at least you're under 18. I still haven't really had a first date. Maybe. I'm not sure.

    Don't be nervous. I don't know how else to put it, but maybe stop giving a fuck.


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