Fat girl, fit guy?

I'm on the heavy side of the spectrum. I currently am dating a really active fit guy, who goes to the gym regularly and plays sports. I feel really self conscious around him, as if people are judging him for being with a fat girl when he could have someone skinny and fit. I don't feel good enough for him at all and I somehow try to hide myself when we're together because im so afraid of those comments. Do people even care if a fat girl is with a fit guy?


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  • You're always going to get judged with that combination. However, he maybe a chubby chaser. If that's the case, don't worry about what others think. Just go with it and have fun.


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  • what's your definition of fat?

    • Not really just fat. Just a woman larger than her man

    • if you are like 10-15 pounds "overweight" i think you just overthinking it but regardless of how much you weight no one is really going to care only jealous people and if not for that reason it would just be another so just go ahead and just enjoy your relationship this could potentially ruin it if you think to much about it

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