Texting is confusing? help?

So... a week ago this guy asked me for my number during class and so I gave it to him and we've texted for a while 3 different times... I kind of have two questions about this...

1. when we text for a while and the conversation starts to die down his texts make it sound like he's tired of me texting him or that he doesn't want me to or something along those lines... but then if I start to say well I'm out of things to say because I don't want to annoy him or anything then he knows that I'm about to end the conversation but he'll be like "you don't want to talk to me anymore?"... this confuses me?

2. why do guys usually ask for a girls number... because they want to be friends or because they have an interest in them... or both?

oh... and before you answer anything I just want to say that I do know texting is not the best way to have a conversation, but for right now it is fine.

thank you!

if your going to take the time to look at this, then submit your opinion... even if its not the most insightful, feedback is great :)


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  • I was reluctant to answer because I don't know much about texting...there aren't any girls I can text right now, because no girls like me : / But your update encouraged me to answer. : )

    If I ask for a girl's number, I definitely am interested as more than friends. If just friends, I'd probably ask to be friends on Facebook first. Although I would talk to girl "friends" on the phone, I wouldn't make a habit out of doing that with girls I'm not interested in more with.

    Don't say "I'm out of things to say"; just say something like "well I'm going to take a nap/do something right now, how about you?" And when he responds just say "Cool, well have fun! ttyl" or something like that. You can throw in a "ttyl" just about anytime to break or end a conversation, as long as it's not like all of a sudden; just mention something you're about to do.

    And I don't get his whininess with "You don't want to talk to me anymore?" I can't think of a witty response to that right now, you could say "well I do have a life, lol" or something. (I'd think ttyl should be reassuring, because it means "talk to you LATER.") But don't necessarily put up with it if you want to end a convo and he acts offended/hurt.

    Best of luck.


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  • When the conversation dies down he probably doesn't know what to talk you about and is hoping you might want to know something about him or want to talk about something. Don't worry about annoying him, if he didn't want to talk to you he would say that he is going to do something and will text you later or something like that. When it dies down ask him questions about him that you want to know or just talk about random stuff if he likes you he won't mind what it is your talking about.

    We ask for your number because we want to get to know you and hang out whether it be friends or more than that. Me personally if I am texting a girl all day and having long conversations with her, it generally means I like her a lot and would like to be more than friends.

    hope it helps

  • First off this guy is pretty f***ing weird. If he were normal he wouldn't be talking to you over text all the time. Secondly when the conversation dies down, that just means the dumbass can't think of anymore things to talk about because you two have been texting for too long rather than having some face to face time. As you know and I know, texting is not the best way to have a conversation. Well in this guys case, texting is the only way to have a conversation. But as I digress I'll let you know that he is probably to afraid to actually talk to you in person because he's socially retarded and by texting he has more time to think about what he's going to say so he doesn't f*** himself over.

  • he is jus askin ' don you wanna talk anymore' jus as a formal question don think he really means it because if he did he would hav talked to you properly when you were talking in happy mood to him no point of makin you sad and den ask 'r you sad I am sorry'...

    guys take gals no. to be friends but sometimes dey do it to show hat dey are studs and hav a lot of female contacts

  • I think that there is nothing wrong with texting but if your staring at you phone or waiting for a reply 7-8 mins later it's a pretty good call to end the conversation and if he is actually making it seem like he's tired of texting you back every time then big deal and it seems that when you stop replying all the time to his texts and he asks if you don't want to talk to him anymore just say yah ill get back to you or just say I ran out of things to text. I mean I personally would rather use my minutes for good reasons to talk if your paying a phone bill for responses like..yeh, maybe, oh, and stuff it's a waste just try talking in person.Also guys usually don't ask a girl for her number just to be friends I mean it's different if the guy is friends with the guy your dating or a childhood friend or a boyfriend to your cousin or w/e.But if he did just ask for your number he's interested in you until you make him into a friend or you or him don't find each other attractive.


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  • nothing is wrong with texting. a lot of people text more then anything else. but do you guys talk in person at all? during class if he still flirts a little bit, that defiantly doesn't mean he wants to be just friends. but you always need to make them chase you. have him usually text you first. if he doesn't text you at all, then leave it at that he should eventually text you . he asked for you number because he was interested. if the topic dies down, bring something good up. and if he replys with short answers a lot, you do it too. if YOU think he gets annoyed of you, make him feel that he gets you annoyed, he'll get more sensitive on what he should say, you have to make it so you don't seem all over him, even if he wants that. so that he reflects what he likes on to you. and itll move the friendship or whatever it is you guys have.

    Trust me, I've been through a lot of these situations, and my advice about it, never failed myself.

  • well the first one, obviously if he is asking you if you don't wanna talk to him, he wants to talk to you, just keep the conversation interesting, act really happy that you are talking to him and to question to guy uaually ask for chicks number because they think the chick is hott or chill, usually.